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Getting to know me

Not long after my 30th birthday, it hit me; an all consuming desire to follow my forever dream and support the children around me and beyond. How? Well, by helping them explore and understand their feelings. By cultivating ways to help them recognise and use their own unique characteristics. To provide accessible, warm, welcoming, creative wellbeing support in a world that isn't always kind to young minds. And perhaps most importantly, to explore and question the bigger picture - why are the children of today in such trouble with their mental health and wellbeing?  


2020 was everything but ‘normal’ and whilst there are many learnings to be taken, one thing is for sure - there is a huge gap, and worryingly, an overwhelming need, for the provision of children’s wellbeing services. England is just not that great at looking after it’s younger generation.

I'm a Northern girl at heart, but moved to Croydon before starting school. As a teenager I wanted to complete a full psychology degree but it was too costly and instead, I pursued an alternate path that brought with it varied life experience. But, the older I got the more unfulfilled I became.

Like most of us, I‘ve experienced highs and lows, and the highs have been, and continue to be, wonderful - I absolutely adore life. But, there's also been huge loss and grief. I had a difficult relationship with food and body image, and experienced family breakdown. I longed to be a mother, and after a long while I finally got there, something for which I will be eternally grateful. And still, life delivers challenges, this time in the form of my incredible mum's incurable cancer and I've experienced miscarriage. I'm sure there are elements of this that resonate with many of you because life, as wondrous as it is, it's never plain sailing is it!    

When I was a child, my much loved and missed Grandad was a bit of a character at Covent Garden Flower Market. Early mornings with him inspired my love affair with all things floral, laying the foundations for my affinity with nature. In my late teenage years I gave my first yoga class a try and later on started to experiment with 'creative time' to explore self- expression and awareness. Needless to say, I became astonished by the power these elements had, and quickly worked out that when you combine them, amazing things can happen. My resilience increased and my mindset altered. I allowed big, difficult feelings but found I was able to better manage them whilst really processing some of the experieneces I'd had.   

Life to date has had many twists and turns, but through understanding my own coping mechanisms, and the teachings of people I have been lucky to work alongside, Mindfulness, Creativity and Nature have gifted me with a strong set of coping strategies and tools. Throughout my learnings and own travels, I saw how those elements were supporting others too. Then came the ideas for The Nurture Meadow. 

I now live on the Sussex/Surrey border, with my husband, incredible daughter and dog, offering creative wellbeing support to all young minds, be that in schools, in the community, through charity partnerships and to individuals. 

Early intervention has repeatedly proven that given the right conditions, children can grow and find well deserved contentment within themselves. I'm incredibly proud that through The Nurture Meadow I can facilitate that journey and help cultivate acceptance and resilience, supporting each and every child discover an inner magic that's just waiting to be found.  

I am...

A Mum and Wife 

Floral Mad 

Astounded by the brain 

An animal lover, especially horses and dogs

A realist  


A professional 

Obsessed with the sky 

An active listener 

A friend 

A music fan 



A football fan

A learning yogi 

Fascinated with travel 

An advocate for children  


A dreamer 



The facts...

I've completed training and qualifications in a variety of subjects including;


BA Hons Degree, (Combined) Psychology, Sociology and History

Levels 2 and 3 in Child Counselling and Play Therapy (BACP)

Diploma in Mindfulness for Children (Distinction) 

Children's yoga and mindfulness (accredited teacher) 

Safeguarding for Children and vulnerable adults


Mental Health Awareness  

Trained Counsellor for Shout, including suicide


Equality and Diversity 

Positive behavioural support 

I hold a valid, enhanced DBS check. 

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Mum and daughter yoga
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