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Mindful girl on grass



An ancient practice, developed from a much simpler time, Mindfulness means to be present. The act of being mindful provides an opportunity to observe sensations and thoughts, and then to let go of them. That way, those thoughts do not have to define behaviours, actions and emotions meaning that everything we experience is transient and impermanent. 


Young people can find Mindfulness a struggle. There is always a distraction or something to engage with. In addition, it can feel uncomfortable to switch off from the world around us and to sit with oneself. 


However, scientific and neurological research has consistently shown that brain development and overall emotional wellbeing is positively impacted when young people practice Mindfulness. meaning they really cultivate brain plasticity. 


Other benefits of Mindfulness include;

• Reduced stress and anxiety • Increased Serotonin • Greater bodily awareness • Decreased muscle tension • Increased ability to access Alpha brain waves • Awakened ability for understanding, compassion and empathy • Improved concentration • Increased blood flow • Improved resilience • Healing and restoration • An ability to access the body’s relaxation response 


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