Mindful girl on grass



An ancient Buddhist practice, Mindfulness means being present.

It means letting go of thoughts and realising that they do not have to define behaviours, actions and emotions.


When people are more sensitive to their thoughts they can become more aware of their body, feelings and sensations which in turn helps to deal with challenges, changes and difficult situations. 


Scientific research has shown that brain development can be impaired in children who have experienced prolonged periods of trauma and stress; Mindfulness can alleviate that impact and encourages brain plasticity. 



The benefits of Mindfulness include;

• Reduced stress and anxiety • Increased Serotonin • Greater bodily awareness • Decreased muscle tension • Increased ability to access Alpha brain waves • Awakened ability for understanding, compassion and empathy • Improved concentration • Increased blood flow • Improved resilience • Healing and restoration • An ability to access the body’s relaxation response 


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