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The natural World is Mother Nature’s canvas. A space to explore, witness and marvel, to use all of our senses. It acts as a gentle reminder that no matter how challenging life is, regeneration and growth happens. That nothing is permanent and that if you look hard enough, little miracles regularly occur. If a child is overwhelmed, nature is a wonderful place to be. 


Research from Wells and Evans, 2003, concluded that highly stressed children with access to greener surroundings, even on a visual level, were able to better manage stress. Those living in environments without those vistas had a deeper struggle. This piece of research, along with many more studies, shows that nature supports children's wellbeing. 

The benefits of Nature include;

• Reduced anxiety and improved mental health • Reduced blood pressure • Brain adaptability • Increased problem solving skills 

• Co-ordination of motor skills • Ability to negotiate risk • Increased sensory awareness • The opportunity to cultivate love and respect for the natural World • A state of ‘presence’ and mindfulness • Increased resilience  


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