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Announcement: The TNM Wellbeing Space

I’ve spent too much time daydreaming lately. There have plenty of thoughts of getting on the first plane to a tropical destination post lockdown, but also, dreams of building and running a children’s retreat.

The retreat would be a place that children be themselves. Somewhere they can process big thoughts, emotions and feelings. Learn about the ways in which their brains work, and how mindfulness, creativity and nature can support them. Somewhere for them to develop their incredibleness and harness the unique power that they have within themselves….I could go on and on.

But, every dream has to start somewhere right? And I’m absolutely thrilled that over the last couple of weeks, I’ve made the first teeny tiny steps in bringing that dream to life.

It might be frosty and snowy, (or wet and windy), but here we are, in full building mode and are creating the first TNM Wellbeing Space. I’m literally jumping for joy!

Yes, the plan is a log cabin located in our garden. But it will have private side access. It will be fully equipped with play, creative and nature materials. It is being designed to invoke calm and will house a selection of yoga mats, essential oils and books. It will have a sand tray and toys. From the outside, there will be ‘proper’ signage! It’s the first official TNM space and whilst it’s nowhere near retreat size, it is being lovingly designed solely with children in mind so that when they step through the doors, the magic hits them.

Covid has presented a number of struggles for many organisations, and for me, running sessions and considering workshops has been a challenge due to finding an appropriate room or area. The new wellbeing space will however be perfect for one-to-one or family sessions and small workshops. I’ll also be able to house small activity clubs, starting in the Easter holidays. There will be no more lugging equipment around and thinking about bringing a small selection of materials as actually they will all be there, accessible for the children and enabling them to choose how best to communicate or express themselves on that particular day.

So, when will you be opening, I hear you say? Well, as with any building job, we have had a few delays (largely due to the weather), so I am hoping it will all be up and running for the first week of March. But, watch this space for more info. I simply cannot wait to open the doors to this unique setting and encourage children to find and explore their own magic while learning about proactively managing their mental health and wellbeing.

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