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Academic and sporting environments can be incredible, but coaches and educational professionals simply cannot do it all. I work alongside a variety of schools, in addition to Sports Academies and Local Authorities, to help them bring mental health and wellbeing to life in nurturing, engaging ways. 

Educational settings are fast paced and there are many children to nurture, each with different needs and characteristics. TNM acts as an extension of your team. Whether it's creative wellbeing and mental health workshops or yoga and mindfulness classes, children alleviate emotional overwhelm and build coping strategies. 

"Facilitating an open, therapeutic relationship is a unique space that focuses on encouraging the breaking down of barriers and building trust. It differs greatly from a pupil and coach or teacher relationship and it's one that I'm privileged to be able to cultivate with the young minds I work alongside."




A great way to support a holistic approach to Wellbeing in schools and sporting environments. Workshops can be tailored and adjusted to meet the needs of students, and can be ran as a one off, or frequent sessions.     

  • Popular themes include; Identifying and regulating emotions, Resilience in an elite environment, Managing anxiety and the monkey mind, Anger in the moment, Growing a calm mind, Teenage Wellbeing, Social media, Secondary School Transition and Pressure to perform.

Regular support

If you are overstretched but you have children in need of regular support, TNM can operate as an extension of your environment.  

  • Regular sessions are beneficial for children who have difficulties in managing emotions or who are experiencing challenging circumstances such as grief, family breakdown, lack of self-confidence, bullying or anxiety, or SEND challenges 

  • Sessions are fun and creative, allowing space to process big emotions. 

  • Children will learn ways to support their own ability to self-regulate, finding their unique superpowers. 

  • Sessions can be an intervention based, or delivered as emotional education

After School and holiday clubs

  • A fun way to bring creative wellbeing into the everyday and to emotionally educate

  • Supportive and inclusive environment

  • Mix of child-led and directed play

  • Activities rooted in Yoga & Mindfulness, Creativity & play, Nature & wonder.

  • Helps to equip children with life long skills and tools for building positive emotional wellbeing and mental health. 

Child blowing bubbles
Remember to breathe

Yoga and Mindfulness 

Scientific evidence continues to grow to support the idea that by practising movement and mindfulness, children can positively alter the way in which their brain develops, whilst also reaping the benefits in their physical body.

TNM is passionate about delivering a unique, playful, science based, trauma-informed yoga program, in a way that is accessible and flexible, adapting to your setting and the needs of the children you work alongside. 

Children and young people;

  • Become more self-aware and engage in an emotional education

  • Learn adapted yoga for the developing child's brain, body and anatomy. This improves posture and strength, enhances balance and coordination and encourages stretching

  • Experience mindfulness, meditation and breathing techniques that can be used within a busy day and beyond

  • Explore language and how to use it positively to influence a positive growth mindset

  • Develop useable tools to self- regulate, build confidence and grow self-esteem

  • Better mange their stress and emotional challenges, building resilience and insight.

  • See an increase in focus and learning ability and adaptability

  • Support muscle tone, flexibility and their and growing body.

Want to find out how TMN can support your environment? Leave your details and I'll get in touch for a chat about how TNM may be of value to the young minds you work alongside

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