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Supporting your children and teens 

Children and teens are incredibly resilient, but in today's world they are faced with many challenges growing up, while trying to also make sense of the complex world around them. 

Young minds have to navigate their emotions and wellbeing through circumstances such as starting school, family and friendship dynamics, academic worries, bullying, family breakdown, increasing 

self-awareness, anxiety, life changes, grief and much, much more.


You know your children better than anyone, but should you, (or they), feel that additional support

would be helpful, then The Nurture Meadow is here to be alongside you.   


Whether it's a parent workshop for ways to support children in managing anxiety, a one off session for all the family, mindfulness techniques, or ongoing, focused one-to-one wellbeing support, TNM works in a variety of flexible ways to provide accessible support to those children who are finding their mental health and wellbeing a challenge.


  • One off or regular sessions. Tailored to support the needs and age(s) of the child(ren)

  • Can be held for individual children or siblings aged 16 and under

  • Initial focus is on building trust and rapport

  • Use a variety of techniques and practices rooted in Mindfulness, Creativity and Nature 

  • Helps children to find their strengths and develop their own coping strategies

  • A great intervention tool to aid those who have additional needs or require extra emotional support

  • Incredibly powerful if children are struggling as a result of grief, bullying, change or family breakdown but also supports long term challenges

  • Sessions can also be created to deliver fun, proactive, creative wellbeing education

  • Takes place in the Wellbeing Space, Crawley Down, RH10.

Muslim Mother and Son

Adult and child or family sessions  

  • A creative way to bring Wellbeing into the everyday

  • Can be tailored to support the needs of the family

  • Can be held for up to 5 people at a time and use a variety of techniques and practices

  • Encourages fun, bonding and learning

  • An intervention tool to aid children who have additional needs or require extra emotional support.

  • Equips parents and caregivers with ways to help children manage and regulate emotions

  • Encourages a proactive approach to positive emotional Wellbeing

  • Can be ran from the Wellbeing Space, Crawley Down, RH10. 

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The Wellbeing Space 

A unique, magical space in which children and young people feel safe to create, explore and just be.

Designed entirely with children in mind, the TNM Wellbeing Space is one of a kind. This warm, welcoming environment  has been lovingly designed to bring Mindfulness, Creativity and Nature to life. It's a place for children and teenagers to play, to explore, to process their emotions, to create, to be still or to simply 'just be'. 

One to-one-sessions and family workshops can both be held here. 

If you'd like to find out more about TNM, or how a session may benefit you and your family,  please leave your details and I'll be in touch.

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