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About The Nurture Meadow

Children are people, just like you and I. It's therefore important to recognise that life challenges them in the same way it can adults. 

Today's fast paced world means that children everywhere are exposed to an overload of information, expectations, pressures and opinions, in addition to the general highs and lows of growing up. This means that anxiety, overwhelm and emotional struggles can stem from anywhere. Friendships, family dynamics, the school environment, low self-confidence, poor body image, Covid-19 and lockdown, grief, social media, popularity, the planet, academic performance and the future are just some of the hot topics that children often have on their minds. 

As parents, caregivers and educators, you'll know that when children are struggling to manage their thoughts and feelings it can manifest itself in a variety of different ways. They may become withdrawn and seem sad. Some may appear frustrated or unable to concentrate. Others become clingy or need constant reassurance.


But, if we are able to find a way to get alongside children and help them to understand how they feel, before enabling them to regulate and manage those feelings, we are equipping them with vital life skills to inspire a happier, more emotionally resilient future. It doesn't mean that we turn a blind eye to the root cause or the bigger picture, or that they will always be able to manage big feelings and seamlessly sail through life's twists and turns, but at least they will feel empowered and more in control. 

Boy in cape

The Nurture Meadow aims to...


Combine Mindfulness, Creativity and Nature in fun and engaging ways whilst inspiring enjoyment and helping to cultivate a love of, and respect for, the natural world.  


Encourage children to simply be themselves whilst validating their feelings and providing the opportunity for them to be expressive without judgement.  


Equip children with the ability to identify and regulate thoughts, feelings and emotions, building resilience. 


Inspire and up-skill parents, caregivers and educators, enabling them to feel knowledgeable and equipped to help and guide whilst considering the bigger picture.  

The Nurture Meadow supports a variety of children, including those who... 


• Find it difficult to manage emotions • Have long or short term emotional or behavioural challenges •  Are going through a difficult time due to circumstances such as family breakdown, illness or grief • Want a creative outlet • Enjoy learning alongside nature • May have low self confidence or self worth • Are unsure how to manage anxiety 

• Have experienced or are experiencing bullying • Have experienced past trauma • Want to have fun • Are having difficulties with their background or identity • Have an interest in how to build their own positive emotional wellbeing  Have a negative self body image • Are nervous about changing schools • Are new to living in the UK

• Are going through a challenging time with friends, or at school •

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“My dream is to live in a world where children are able to more effectively manage their emotional wellbeing. In a world where all parts of society come together as a whole to integrate mental health into the every day and address the root cause of the problems. And in the meantime, I will work alongside young minds to support them to find their coping strategies so they can better manage their day-to-day." 

Kelly Gallafant

The brain


Based on ancient Buddhist practice, Mindfulness means being present and calming the mind

Pencil for creativity


Children are inherently creative, yet society suppresses their secret power 

The Moon, flowers and stars


The natural World is Mother Nature's canvas, a place to use and enjoy all of our senses

Wellbeing lotus and heart


Encouraging ways to build positive emotional wellbeing is so important in the children of today  

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