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When combining supportive, engaging techniques rooted in Creativity & Play, Mindfulness & Yoga and Nature & Wonder, something special happens.

Young people begin to find a power that enables them to accept and process.

To create a confident magic about who they are and to build resilience, balancing big feelings while exploring coping strategies for challenging times.


Delivering creative wellbeing support & education for every young mind

The Nurture Meadow supports and proactively encourages the positive emotional wellbeing of all children and young people aged 4-16 through one-to-one sessions, group workshops and a variety of in-school and community based services and activities. 


Children are incredible, yet each and every single one is uniquely different, with their own individual needs and circumstances that need to be seen and heard. TNM helps young people to explore, label, understand, express and regulate their feelings through a strong focus on creative wellbeing. Whether it's gently encouraging the processing of challenging thoughts or situations, or finding fun, creative, scientifically backed ways to help them build their resilience, children are enabled to uncover their inner strengths and magic while building a toolbox of valuable life skills. 

In an unpredictable world that isn't always kind to young minds, it's crucial that children have accessible, child centered support where they can explore emotions and have the opportunity to learn skills that enable them to better support and manage their future emotional wellbeing. 


In the community. Schools, Academies
and local authority support

Looking for educational, fun, creative wellbeing workshops or yoga and mindfulness classes? Maybe your school is in need of assistance with interventions for children who require additional support? Interested in starting a wellbeing drop in? Or perhaps you're a Sports Academy wanting to build resilience. There are many ways TNM works flexibly to support students and teams to build positive emotional wellbeing and mental health awareness, whilst alleviating behavioural and emotional complexities in accessible and engaging ways.   

Remote Control Toy Car

Information for parents
and families 

Is your little one anxious and in need of a safe space to express themselves? Is your child nervous about changing schools or experiencing bullying? Perhaps you have a teen at home who is struggling with exams, the fast pace and pressure of the outside world. Maybe you simply want to enable a young mind to find ways to creatively explore and support their emotional wellbeing - building their self belief resilience and confidence. If you're a parent or caregiver, you'll find all of the information you need here. 

How can TNM help?

What they say

Comments from parents and professionals 

LG, Mum of S

"My daughter was suffering from anxiety which affected her day-to-day life. When my daughter met Kelly for the first time she came out saying she's so nice, I think she's going to make me feel better. S started to see Kelly weekly and there was a difference from week one. She worked alongside my daughter to really understand and tailor strategies that would support her. Kelly's kind, gentle nature and warm smile, but young, fresh outlook is a great combination for children. S would see her every week if she could."

S, Dad to O and B

“My children love going to the cabin. Kelly provides a warm, welcoming space where they have fun, learn and can be themselves. They are better able to verbalise how they are feeling and noice when a meltdown might be coming. The strategies they have learnt have made a real difference."

Mrs. A, Streatham School

"The Year 7 and 8 workshops were fun and engaging, with relatable, accessible ways for children to support their own mental health and wellbeing. Kelly educates kids in a way that makes sense to them, whilst putting her knowledge, energy and passion into everything. Her sessions opened up conversations on topics such as suicide and body image in a safe, contained and supportive way."  

If children's emotional Wellbeing is of interest to you, subscribe to TNM for practical tips and activities, straight to your inbox. 

Thank you for joining TNM in supporting and nurturing young minds.

Get in touch

Whether you're keen to hear more about private workshops, want to chat about creatively supporting a young person's wellbeing, or talk about in-school school, community, or sporting academy support, I'd love to hear from you. 

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