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Safeguarding Policy

This Safeguarding Policy applies to any person working on behalf of The Nurture Meadow at any point in time, and all within the organisation will need to support and comply with the safeguarding policy. This policy is intended to protect children and young people who receive service from TNM.

TNM believes no child or young person should experience abuse or harm (verbal, emotional or physical), and is committed to the protection of children and young people.

The Nurture Meadow will:

  • protect the safety and wellbeing of all children, young people, adults it works alongside

  • respond quickly to any issues of concern and report to the appropriate bodies where necessary

  • where safe, work in partnership with children, young people and families to inform them of our concerns and promote welfare and safety

  • store and maintain accurate and confidential records of any safeguarding incident we are involved in

  • address without delay any failure to comply with the correct safeguarding procedures.

The Nurture Meadow understands that all people regardless of age, ability or disability, sexual orientation, any special needs, race, religion, residential status or any other identity have the right to protection from any form of harm and abuse in line with the following;

  • Children’s Act 1989

  • United Convention of the Rights of the Child 1991

  • General Data Protection Regulation

  • Sexual Offences Act 2003

  • Children’s Act 2004

  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006

  • Children and Families Act 2014

  • Special Educational needs and disability code of practice, 2014.


Some children and adults such as those who are disabled or who have difficulty with communication are particularly vulnerable. TNM will ensure that service users are understood and have a voice, so if needed, they feel able to share safeguarding concerns.

Sometimes, where a risk is anticipated, it is necessary to share information without the consent of the person whom the information belongs to. In these instances, TNM will be in communication with the Local Authority to ask for support in the decision making process.


The Nurture Meadow requests that in the case of private workshops, children under the age of 13 are accompanied by an adult who brings the child(ren) to the session and also takes them home again afterwards. Parent and caregivers make TNM aware of any risks or difficulties that the child(ren) may face or be facing.

The Nurture Meadow will seek to keep service users safe by:

  • Promoting a safe and inclusive environment for children and adults to share and explore their thoughts and feelings

  • Providing a safe space where our service users feel listened to

  • Valuing and respecting other’s opinions, thoughts and beliefs

  • Promoting positive behaviour

  • Working with a range of other professional agencies to share information and ask for support when required

  • Not taking any images of, or publishing images of children, unless prior written permission has be sought from a person of parental/caregiver responsibility.  

This policy will be reviewed annually. Last review 30/07/2020

Equal Opportunities Policy 

This policy is one way in which TNM aims to promote equal opportunities and eradicate any unlawful discrimination. All employees, and those who work alongside TNM have a responsibility to implement this policy and operate in an environment in which individuals feel respected and represented.

Nurture Meadow (TNM) believes that no child, adult, or family should be excluded from our services or activities based on the grounds of age, gender, health, sexuality, class, family status, means, ability, colour, ethnic origin, culture, religion, or belief. We aim to ensure that all who wish to work alongside our organisation will also have an equal chance to do so.

TNM aims to provide a warm, welcoming and caring space that promotes and reflects cultural and social diversity. TNM will endeavour to challenge any offensive behaviour, language or attitudes in relation to Equal opportunities and should any of the above occur within one of our workshops or classes the incident will be reported and discussed with the parent/guardian. Any form of bullying or discriminatory behaviour will not be tolerated. TNM reserves the right to refuse attendance at any future group events/workshops/classes to those who are unable to comply with this policy.

We recognise that achieving the objectives of our equal opportunities policy relies on the active involvement of parents/care givers and staff. TNM welcomes and encourages parents, carers and staff to comment on the effectiveness of its policies and procedures so that we able to grow and evolve should it be deemed necessary. 

The Nurture Meadow may facilitate opportunities for consultation with all stakeholders about our service as a means of monitoring the effectiveness of the equal opportunities policy.

We strive to make the environment welcoming and physically accessible to all users. To do this we will work with staff and users to get an understanding of all our service users needs (both new and current), cultures and values.
Our Equal Opportunities Procedures aim to:

•    Create an environment free from discrimination and welcoming to all
•    Ensure that our services are available to all children who require our service, including those with difficulties and/or disabilities
•    Ensure race/ethnicity/nationality/class/religion/culture/gender/language/sexual orientation/disability don't inhibit a child from

      accessing our service
•    Treat all service users with equal value and concern and validate their personal experiences
•    Make every effort to include every service user in all activities ensuring their individual needs are met
•    Have regard to promoting understanding, respect and awareness of diversity and equal opportunities issues in planning and

      implementing our programme of activities
•    Help service users celebrate and express their cultural and religious identity by providing a wide range of appropriate resources and

•    Ensure that if TNM should choose to recruit, policies and procedures are open, fair and non-discriminatory
•    Act as positive role models by displaying and promoting tolerant and respectful behaviour, language and attitudes and challenging any

     discriminatory incidents

•    All policies and procedures will be kept under review to ensure they do not operate in a discriminatory manner or in anyway against its

      commitment to equal opportunities.
•    We will work to fulfil all the legal requirements of the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, the Human

      Rights Act 1998 and the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000.

This policy will be reviewed annually. Last review 30/07/2020

If you require further information on the policies detailed on this page, or on any other policy then please do get in touch.

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