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Finding your inner magic has been designed to support a child's emotional education. It's a celebration of the fact that every child has magic within them, and helps little ones to uncover their many hidden powers. 

Equally as important, it supports a child in understanding that emotion is acceptable, in building their resilience, and in creating an awareness of their unique coping strategies. 

With reflective exercises and gentle introductions to the ideas behind wellbeing, this pack will support children in bouncing back when times are tough, building confidence, and encouraging them to open up about emotions and feelings. 


Across 28 pages the pack includes; 

  • An introductory letter reminding children that they have magic within 
  • A 'hello' to their brain
  • An exploration of thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Pages to help children consider what supports them in feeling calm/happy/safe and secure 
  • Introductions to Mindfulness, Creativity and Nature. These three areas are the bedrock of the TNM approach as when combined they have an incredible ability to support mental health and wellbeing. 
  • Activity sheets 
  • A variety of exercises for children, their families and their friends 
  • A set of affirmations.  

Finding your inner magic activity pack

  • A4 wiro bound. 

    Colour print 

  • Cost includes first class postage via Royal Mail. 

    If you choose to have a PDF version also, you will be emailed a link to download the file. 

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