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Videos and downloads for home and school

Downloads for parents

Owl and me - A Mindful Story 

From my series of Mindful stories, Owl and me is perfect for encouraging children to calm towards the end of the day, helping them to notice and relax their minds and bodies - a great introduction to children's mindfulness, or for when a child is overwhelmed.  

A children's New Year intentions sheets

The choice of 2 sheets, encouraging children to think about their wishes and dreams and providing the chance to daydream.

As the New Year stars, help children to consider the garden that is their mind and how best to take care of it, slowly encouraging children to create, grow and flourish throughout the upcoming seasons.   

Downloads for teachers

Hey, it's nice to see you

Getting ready to welcome children back into your classroom? Give them a chance to share information with you, about themselves, using this worksheet. 

Your Magic Potion

Do you have a little one starting school? Why not use your creativity to make a fun magic potion the night before to remind them of how loved they are? It's nice to sprinkle this under a pillow and into your child's school bag so create your potion using bits from the garden such as dried petals, leaves, a little water and a drop of lavender oil. Then print off the poem and share with your child just before bed. A wonderful way to support mental health.  

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